Loyal Customer Through Social Media

July 13th, 2019

By: Gary

Loyal Customer Through Social Media

Alone Instagram has 200,000 brands. For 2017, it was estimated that 51.8% of all social media users will use Instagram. It provides the visual platform to the user that allows to share through tags, likes and follows but a very few purchases.

A survey was conducted in April 2016, with 410 Instagram users and age between18-33. Around 66% of them used at least one brand. At least 56% of them have bought at least once from the brands, but they are more likely to buy again.

What are the reasons that very few customer buy on Instagram? According to one research there are 2 reasons: budget issues and lack of need. In the research 47% responded out of which almost 60% of the customers wanted to buy but their budget won’t allow them. In the other research where 35% responded out of which 54% were likely to buy if their need arose.