June 18th, 2019

By: Gary

Setup with Social Media Marketing

Before we even start brainstorming ideas for a business’s social media campaign, we meet with the owners to learn everything there is to know about it. We’ll learn everything from a business’s target audience and competitors to every single product or service offered. The more we know about a business, the more marketing content and strategies we’ll be able to come up with.

Also when we begin to interact with customers, employees, and investors through your business’s social media profiles, we’ll need to know as much as possible to strengthen connections.

What if I Don’t Have a Fan Base Yet?

If your business is new or hasn’t yet grown to the point where its customers can be easily converted into online fans, then we can still help you market using social media. Social media platforms like Facebook let advertisers market their services, products, or brand using pay-per-click (PPC). Using PPC a business can show advertisements to a targeted audience based on metrics such as age and gender, and even things such as income level and spending habits.

Once someone clicks on a business’s advertisement, then the business has to pay a certain amount for that click. PPC marketing on social media has its advantages because it is scalable quickly without requiring a customer base first. But it doesn’t connect with customers as organically as acquiring fans through sales and other means.

We can definitely discuss your business’s options and specific requirements over the phone. In fact, we’ve worked with businesses in just about every industry. That means we know exactly where you’re coming from and exactly what you’re looking to get out of social media marketing.