Social Media Marketing for Small Business

June 23rd, 2019

By: Gary

Social Media Marketing for Small Business


In the past decade, technology has revolutionized Earth into a global village with various social media platforms with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and etc. It is not wrong to say that this is the age of Social Media. And now-a-days almost everything runs on it especially large companies have taken it as an opportunity to market themselves worldwide through these platforms. But is it suitable for the small businesses as well?

A small company is usually independently operated which has limited size, resources and revenue depending upon the industry. This type of business has a very bright chance to shine using social media marketing but also has a chance to get drown. Small business men should keep in mind the following things before putting invest in a social media marketing.

1.    Lead with objectives

A small business man mostly thinks twice before investing in the social media marketing and it is the right thing to do as well. You should lead with objectives and have clear marketing objectives in front of you. This will make things easier for you and you can also track down your progress.

2.    Authority is Currency

When it comes to online social media marketing for small business, authority plays an important rule. It is compulsory to build an authority online. E.g. LinkedIn is a place to attract audience and it can create plethora of opportunities for you as a business man. So, the more the authority you have the more opportunities you can create and cash them in.

3.    It’s a Dialogue

Mostly social media platform uses algorithms, they use reward posts or ad posts that have interaction. e.g. Facebook, Instagram, etc. If you are posting something that no one is following or even interacting to it then you are not doing it right and it will become a debt for you soon. So, always try to make a start with conversation with the audience.

4.    Appreciate Others

It is not about you. Social media is a two way talk rather than the one way. You must take into account the needs of your audience while posting something on these platforms and if the need assistance and support you should provide them. It will convey a generous image of you and people will appreciate your cause.

5.    Be the Best

Stand out among the rest should be your priority when taking social media marketing into account. You must deliver your best persona to the users. Get above the noise, be their super hero and rule them.

6.    Smart Goals

The goal that you are trying to achieve through social media marketing should be a smart and clear goal. If you are not clear about your goal or if the goal you have set is not achievable in certain limit of time then it is strongly recommended to think and come up with something more realistic.

7.    Pick the Best but Keep the Rest

It is highly recommended to the small business man that they should target a specific platform where respective user is more. It should firmly grip this platform and emphasize more on this while keeping the rest but up to limited activity. So, dominate on one platform will help the small businesses.

8.    Create a Calendar

Always plan your activities on social media. This will help you not only to post content consistently but also help you to get better and effective results and in less time.

9.    Pictorial Representation

Someone has rightly said, “A picture speaks better than a thousand words”. So, when posting content to the social media, be visual, add pictures and videos as compare to keep adding on the lengthy text. It will boost the interaction and will also show off your products.

10.  Outsource Your Social Media Marketing

The last and most important tip is to hire stuff for all this stuff rather than doing it all yourself. It requires experience, skill and time to make social media posts, to post them and to interact and provide support to the users online. It will worth of your time. Don’t do it yourself.

Keep in mind all these tips one can start efficient social media marketing for it’s small business.