Trends of Chat Boxes in Social Media

July 17th, 2019

By: Gary

Trends of Chat Boxes in Social Media


2017-18 were the hot years for chat boxes. The Facebook messenger became installable on websites that helped brands in making the chat boxes. In the study conducted, only 0.5% of the B2B companies use chat boxes.


Personal communication is preferred by the customers, but as this technology is new the adaption of this by companies is very slow. The chat boxes allows to interact with the customers in more natural way so it has more chance to give advantage to businesses in market.


Contact with the customers in more personalized way. Carefully take time to interact with them without only selling proposition. If you are creating chat boxes on Facebook and Twitter, then you can follow personalized commerce by remembering what customer has bought from you before so they feel more comfortable talking and might come back again to buy from you.